The mission of Sports U Performance Training is to strengthen our athletes mentally and physically, as well as, prepare them to play at the next level.

We do this by providing top of the line coaching, stressing fundamentals, and by creating a positive learning experience. We acknowledge that the coaching and instruction passed on to our athletes will help build a foundation for success later in life, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Here at Sports U performance training we challenge ourselves to improve the lives of athletes. By instilling the life long values of personal wellness, integrity, teamwork, and fortitude.



Sports U Performance Training was created in response to the demand for a smart and safe approach to training athletes. It is our goal to prepare athletes for competition through strength training, flexibility training, speed and agility training, and power training. Our professional, experienced training staff aims to get the most out of each athlete that is part of our program.

We specialize in making athletes better at their sport through sport specific training. One of our preferred methods of training is Team Training. During Team Training, our experienced, friendly trainers train your entire team to become stronger, faster, more explosive, and more conditioned. Team training emphasizes sound strength training principles. Athletes will fix any imbalances with our complete training approach to help ensure proper movement and prevention of injuries when playing their sport. O ur advanced, science-based strength training techniques give athletes the opportunity to gain as much muscle and strength as needed for their sport, while making them faster and more explosive. This team training is highly effective at delivering results because it builds team camaraderie and promotes a highly energized environment, which encourages hard work and faster progress. Help your entire team become stronger, faster, more explosive, and more powerful by training at Sports U Performance Training.